Chaowei Customized Gain 5.8G MIMO Panel Base Station Antenna With 2 Connector

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Exquisite appearance
Good secrecy
High positioning accuracy
High transmission rate
Optimized dimension
Strong anti-interference capability
The transmission power is very small
Extremely wide bandwidth.

high gain low standing wave,strong anti-interference ability

lectrical Specifications
Frequency range(MHz) 5150~5850MHz or customized
Polarization vertical
Gain(dBi) 15 dB
half-power beam width(°) Hor:60 Ver:30
Input Impedance(Ω) 50
VSWR ≤1.5
Maximum input power(W) 100
Lightning protection DC Ground
Mechanical Specifications
Input connector type N Female
Dimensions-mm (Height/Width/Depth) customized
Antenna weight(kg) 5.8
Radome material PVC
Radome color Gray
Mechanical tilt(°) ±10
Operating temperature(°c) -40~60
Rated Wind Velocity(m/s) 60