How much do you know about WiFi antennas?

The appearance of the WIFI antenna is usually cylindrical or flaky, and has a connector at the bottom end of the antenna as an energy feeding device, and is connected to an external connector connected to the RF front end circuit of the Bluetooth module. Another external method of antenna is to use a rotatable adapter. The advantage of this method is that the antenna can be rotated according to the needs of the application and the transmission effect [...]

2019 Spring Hong Kong International Electronics Show   

Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair – successfully concluded at the Wanchai International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong on April 16, 2019. The exhibition attracted many quality buyers from home and abroad to come and watch. With excellent products and advanced communication technology, Chaowei Electronics has been recognized and praised by many buyers at home and abroad. Looking forward to the future, Dongguan Chaowei Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to explore in the field of communication antennas with [...]

Uav signal control interceptor

In recent years, with the gradual maturity of consumer-grade drone technology, the problem of black-flying drones has become increasingly serious. Especially in the airports, railway stations, supervision offices, government agencies, major event sites, security and other scenarios, the drone black fly poses a huge challenge to the site’s security. Based on rich experience in radio management industry and advanced radio control technology, our company has successfully developed high-precision long-distance control equipment for drones to protect the safety of aviation and [...]