Uav signal control interceptor

In recent years, with the gradual maturity of consumer-grade drone technology, the problem of black-flying drones has become increasingly serious. Especially in the airports, railway stations, supervision offices, government agencies, major event sites, security and other scenarios, the drone black fly poses a huge challenge to the site’s security.
Based on rich experience in radio management industry and advanced radio control technology, our company has successfully developed high-precision long-distance control equipment for drones to protect the safety of aviation and other civil airspace.

Working Principle

The UAV Control Interceptor can control the drone (remote or forced landing) of the UAV using the GPS/GLONASS/BDS navigation signal to achieve remote control signal control or signal transmission using the2.4GHz/5.8GHz frequency band.

The drive or crash landing modes support switch switching.

Drive Function

The device is used to control the UAV in the 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz band for remote signal control or signal transmission. After a short hover, the UAV returns to the takeoff point to realize the eviction function.


The UAV adopts the navigation signal in the 1.5 GHz frequency band to realize the positioning, and adopts the UAV in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz/5.8 HGHz to control the remote control signal or signal transmission. The UAV drops in place after a short hover. Force landing function.



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