Chaowei CW-GV006 Vehicle satellite TV receiving system

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Model 30 32A 32B 32C 34A 34B 34C 35
Dish Equivalent Aperture 30cm 32cm 34cm 35cm
Polarization L/R circular or H/V Linear
Min. EIRP  54 dBW 53 dBW 52.5 dBW 52 dBW
DVB Standard ABS-S  /  DVB-S  /  DVB-S2
LNB L.O.Frequency 10750MHz, 11300MHz , 10600MHz/9750MHz  optional
RF Output Single
Elevation Range 20° 46° 38° 31° 51° 46° 41° 15°
Azimuth Range Unlimited
Control Mode 2-axis Stabilization System
Response Rate 30° / 秒
Power Requirement DC 9V~30V
Power Consumption < 6W < 10W
Operating Temperature – 30℃ ~ 70℃
Radome Size φ40cm x 22cm φ40cm x 20cm φ40cm x 22cm φ40cm x 24cm φ40cm x 20cm φ40cm x 22cm φ40cm x 24cm φ39cm x 33cm
Weight 3kg

Mobile Satellite Antenna System makes Vehicle.Coach, Lorry、Bus, SUV even more
entertaining with many channels of TV programs rom the specified satellite anytime
you like.It may be capable of satellite acquisition in one minute everywhere ;than responding
to a movement at a rate as fast as 45 degrees per second, to keep tracking the satellite

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