Lora 433MHz white fiberglass antenna, outdoor waterproof antenna 10.5cm CW-F012-2

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1. Strong anti-shock, waterproof and anti-corrosion ability.
2. Work around the clock.
3. Optimized size.
4. High gain, low standing wave, strong anti-interference ability.

Outdoor harsh environment applications, no-man’s land, ships, base stations, communication repeaters,Suitable

for intelligent meter reading, intelligent parking, smart agriculture, intelligent security, smart street lights and many other applications.

Antenna name LoRa antenna
Frequency Range 433MHz
Gain 3dBi
VSWR <= 2.0
Impedance 50 (Ω)
Radiation Pattern  omni directional 
Polarization Type Vertical
Antenna Length       10.5*1.6cm
Antenna Connector N Male or customized